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Annual Meeting 2015

Make channels for the streams of Love.*

Overlook House Annual Meeting
Saturday, October 31, 2015
11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
LockKeepers Restaurant
8001 Rockside Road, Valley View, OH 44125

Among the fifty-five attendees on Saturday, October 31st we welcomed several Christian Science Practitioners and Nurses from across northern Ohio and as far south as Lima and Columbus, including Glenmont Christian Science Nursing Facility's Director of Christian Science Nursing, Helvi Paasinen. This year's theme, "Make Channels for the Streams of Love...,"* a call to be ready to accept Love's bounty, was met with warm hearts and eager ears.   

President Jon Ferrell presented the Board Report entitled "Make Channels: For the Streams of Love," taken from the first line of Hymn 182 of the Christian Science Hymnal, and he discussed the myriad ways each attendee might engage himself or herself in the Missions of Overlook House and Upward Wing. Mr. Ferrell showed us how the particular gifts we cherish, and for which we are grateful, can be shared in gratitude through our unique and individual expressions of support. Visit our Annual Meeting page to view this PowerPoint presentation

Anita Lange, Upward Wing Christian Science Nurse and Volunteer & Training Coordinator, expressed her gratitude for the conscientiousness and generosity of the Upward Wing Volunteers. She discussed one of the "channels" Upward Wing is providing by its having offered this year two Home Helper Classes enabling the Love expressed by graduates of these classes to answer the need whether found in their own homes or in their church community. Kimberly Thorndike, Upward Wing Director of Christian Science Nursing, shared the past year's service activity, bringing to our thought Mrs. Eddy's directive to the Christian Science Nurse and Upward Wing's readiness to follow this Manual Bylaw and to serve.

Former Overlook House President, Beth Eggers, CS, conveyed in her keynote address her "heartfelt gratitude for Upward Wing, which provides our Christian Science community the opportunity to experience the tireless expression of Christly love and comfort that the Christian Science nurse brings to 'the broken-hearted'" ("The People Wanted a King," p. 1). You can read Ms. Eggers address describing how through Love we are made "kings and priests unto God" -- as the Bible declares -- right here on our Annual Meeting page.

Following the meeting, the Overlook House Board Members, Upward Wing Christian Sciences Nurses, and attendees enjoyed a luncheon together.

*Christian Science Hymnal, 182:1



Board Presentation

Board Presentation

President Jon Ferrell's Board Presentation is available in PDF format.


Keynote Address

Keynote Address

Beth Eggers keynote address The People Wanted A King is available in PDF format.

You can also listen to the full audio of Beth Eggers's keynote address The People Wanted A King introduced by Gayle Weber, Overlook House Vice President.


Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

View photos from the 2015 Annual Meeting.


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