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Overlook House Annual Meeting 2020

Published on: 11/15/2020

Overlook House held its Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 14th via Zoom with keynote Speaker Madelon Maupin. In her talk entitled, "The Word: A Light Shining in a Dark Place," Madelon discussed the relationship between the Biblical WORD and LIGHT -- how the light of Christ dispels darkness, and how we have the opportunity to lift up that light for our world today.

The  replay of Madelon's inspiring talk will be available until December 20th along with brief reports shared by the Overlook House Board of Trustees and Upward Wing Christian Science nurses, including the announcement of our new property in Fairlawn, Ohio and Upward Wing's Christian Science Nurses Training Program!

Click here to make a gift in support of our mission or in gratitude for Madelon's talk.


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