What are Advance Directives?

“Mortals are free moral agents, to choose whom they would serve. If God, then let them serve Him, and He will be unto them All-in-all.”
(Mary B. Eddy Un. 60:17)

Q. What are Advance Directives?
A. Advance Directives are written instructions, such as a living will or durable power of attorney for health care, which guides care when an individual is incapacitated and unable to communicate his/her desires.

Q. Should I have them?
A. The answer is yes! As a Christian Scientist who wants to rely on Christian Science for healing, it is important to have detailed written instructions clearly stating your wishes for care and how that care should be given. See the following link to the BA’s new Health Care section of their website for further information: Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association
The law for advance directives varies from state-to-state. Many states have sample copies, and information that you can download, such as this one for Ohio: Choices

Q. Does the Upward Wing Visiting Christian Science Nurse need to know if I have these Directives in place?
A. Yes. This is one of the questions that we ask our patients before or upon our initial visit to the home. It is important that the Christian Science nurse knows where these forms are kept, so that if a need should arise they can be accessed quickly. Having these forms in place not only protects you, but also those who are caring for you.

The Christian Science nurse, engaged in this Manual-directed activity, is there to support and to confidently uphold the patient’s choice to radically rely on Christian Science for care and treatment.

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What is the difference between a Christian Science practitioner and a Christian Science nurse?

“Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.” (I Cor. 12:4-6)

Q: What is the difference between a Christian Science practitioner and a Christian Science nurse?

In The Christian Science Journal, a monthly publication of The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, are found the names and contact information of Christian Science practitioners and nurses. These names appear in the Directory of Professional Services and Church Information at the back of the publication. Each of their roles are clearly defined.

Christian Science Practitioners

“The men and women who advertise in these pages are devoted full-time to helping others through Christian Science as explained in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. They are experienced in the healing ministry of Christian Science and available to give Christian Science treatment through prayer for life challenges.”

Christian Science Nurses

“The men and women who advertise in these pages represent themselves as experienced Christian Scientists who are prepared to provide spiritual reassurance and skilled physical care to those receiving Christian Science treatment for healing . . . The standard of the Christian Science nurse is found in the Manual of The Mother Church, p. 49, Article VIII, Section 31.”

The Christian Science practitioner and the Christian Science nurse both have a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice and both are witnesses to the Divine power of healing but their roles are distinctly different. The Christian Science practitioner provides “Christian Science treatment through prayer for life challenges” while the Christian Science nurse provides “spiritual reassurance and skillful physical care to those receiving Christian Science treatment.”

Further explaining these differences and similarities is an article in the December 1981 Christian Science Journal entitled “Practitioner, Nurse, and the Seamless Garment of Healing” by Donna Nalley Ryburn.

“Fulfilling the demands of their respective roles — each bearing witness to the oneness and allness of God — practitioner and nurse blend their sympathies in Christian cooperation, thus preserving the garment of healing in its undivided wholeness for their patient.”

The Christian Science nurses of Upward Wing consider it a joy and a privilege to support this healing mission. Please call (855) 276-4968 to see how we may be of service.

What happens when I call Upward Wing?

And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. (Isa. 65: 24)

When you make the phone call to Upward Wing, a Christian Science nurse who is ready to rejoice with you in witnessing healing will answer!

Let’s first walk through the steps in placing the call.

  • When you dial Upward Wing (855-276-4968), an automated voice will instruct you to press a number. This number resets daily, depending upon who is on call for that day. Be sure to listen closely for the daily number.
  • After you select and press the number, you will hear the name of the Christian Science nurse who is currently on call. At this point, please be patient as the system transfers your call to the phone of the Christian Science nurse. You will hear a brief series of tones as this step completes.
  • Usually we answer your call immediately. If not, rest assured, we check our phones regularly, and you may expect a prompt return call. Please be sure to leave your name and telephone number. This part is strictly confidential. Only the Christian Science nurse will hear your message. If you have not received a return call within 30 minutes, do feel free to call again.

The Christian Science nurse that answers your call will ask you some simple questions to determine your needs. These questions include your address, phone number, and the name of the Journal-listed practitioner with whom you are working. We then schedule a visit which may occur immediately, if needed, or in the future. Our visits typically last between 1- 3 hours. We are happy to return until healing is evidenced.

We answer our phones 24 hours a day, year round, and look forward to being of service.

Talk to you soon!
Kimberly Thorndike,
Director of Visiting Christian Science Nursing