Sympathy or Compassion


Do we have a friend, family member, or perhaps a neighbor who appears to be struggling with a physical need? Perhaps the most impelling response to this kind of situation is the desire to help – to assist – to make the circumstance better for that dear person.

Something we all need to be clear about — is the great difference between a response of sympathy and a response of compassion.
Sympathy can be a manipulative trick of mortal thought impelling us to accept a sad condition or picture as real….. thus, humanly justifying our feelings of sadness for another person dealing with something other than good…. dealing with a painful or troubling condition which is categorized as “real”. Humanly justified sadness or “sympathy” will never heal.
But we know that God never gives a situation or condition which is ever less than all good.

I recently heard of a term describing sympathy as “sympathetic mesmerism”. Isn’t this a clearly great and accurate description of what can happen to our own thinking when we accept a material picture of discord, disease, injury or any circumstance not created by God, — as being real?

Just consider how many times we read in the Bible of Jesus feeling compassion for others, and — his compassion followed by healing. Jesus never felt compassion and then turned away – – – He did not feel compassion, only to accept a sad picture as real for another. The compassion he felt was always followed by healing, correcting, harmonizing of the picture which he clearly understood to be false.

Do we wish to be mesmerized by a sad picture? Or rather, do we choose to embrace another in the healing compassion of divine Love… infinite Love knowing its own precious perfect one — right now in the allness of God’s knowing….
Compassion based on the perfection of God’s knowing enables us to toss out every false impression and replace it with admittance of pure reality.

Do we choose to accept a mental state of being hypnotized by a sad picture, with which another may be engaged ? — The world’s popular concept of sympathy would have us do just that…. By its trick of mesmerism, sympathy would have us give reality to that which is unreal, and thus — would have us give power to something God never established.

I like to think of sympathy accompanied by a deep desire to heal and help… actually growing into a divinely planted heart-felt condition of compassion. Instead of being satisfied with a sense of sympathy – or acceptance of a picture of falsity, let’s really work to replace every such instance with the divinely impelled compassion which is followed by healing.

The next time we think of — or encounter another — (or even ourselves ) engaged with a false picture or struggle of any kind, let’s open our hearts to embracing that dear person (including ourselves) with the healing compassion of infinite Love – – the active healing compassion of Love knowing Its own as purely perfect and spiritual.