Unwavering Good

Good is unwavering. We can always trust the absolute presence of good in our lives.

Why do we know this is true? Because God is good and it is simply impossible that we ever experience an absence of God. Therefore, we know that we can never experience any sense of an absence of good. This is a “fact of life” – which is in truth, a fact of being, – a fact of the only Life there is… divine Life which is God.

How many times in my own experience has it been shown to me that regardless of the state of human affairs, business ventures, innumerable encounters, the one status of being which I can, – which we all can peacefully and deeply rely upon, is the unwavering constancy of good. No introduction of error, illness, evil in any form, can ‘weasel’ into the infinite allness of good which is God.

And infinite good  never fluctuates,   like waves coming in and out on a beach. Good which is God and is our heritage and the very atmosphere of our being is infinitely all – constant, unwavering. as the infinite ocean of good and  joy, peace, safety, freedom and health.

It is enlightening to consider that ‘our’ experience is never a happening apart from God. Our ‘own’ experience is actually God’s experience, – and can never be anything apart from God, for as we are the very emanation of Love, it is clear that what we term ‘our’ experience is actually God’s revealing and unfolding of His infinite knowing. There simply is no other experience.

God who is divine Mind, knows His own expression… knows His cherished infinite ideas continuously and forever – held within the completeness of good, held within the consciousness of divine Love.

God is expressing the infinite good which He is… We are the outcome, we are the very result of God expressing infinite good – God’s own Self. There is no experience apart from God – just as there is no mortal ‘self’ apart from God’s infinite Selfhood. There is not a whisper of a chance that aught but divine good is the essence of all we can know. And as we know and perceive this eternal good which is God, we can only experience that which God is knowing and expressing. This very knowing and being held within the infinite consciousness of Love, good, is all that there is to experience. This is unwavering good, uninterruptible, abundant, constant and enfolding of every cherished idea.

Oh my goodness … how grateful we all must be!!

Gayle Weber, CS