Rich Enough To be Generous

A long time ago, I heard someone who was not a Christian Scientist, make the comment,

“May I always be rich enough to be generous.”

Although, those particular words were spoken many years ago – by a friend who did not even know Christian Science,  the comment concerning perspective has always stayed with me as a sort of guide post for my own activity.

As a Christian Scientist I ask myself, ‘how rich is — ‘rich enough to be generous?’ Well obviously the answer is not related to money or amount of resources. The impetus of this thought is within the heart. It will always be within the heart.

And the heart is:  Love Itself .   The heart of us, the heart of all is infinite Love Itself.

In pondering my dear old friend’s comment , I also consider: what would be the opposite of generous? My answer comes that it must be “selfish”. But this is not simply about withholding something – as opposed to giving something. Selfishness is actually all about correctly  identifying oneself.   In striving to rightly identity myself, I must further ask, ‘who am I?’ — ‘what am I?’

Within Christian Science my answer comes, “I am the image and likeness of God.” Of course these are cherished and familiar words, but do I stop with satisfaction at hearing familiar words, —- or do I dig into deeply comprehending more of their meaning ? If I am the very image and likeness of God, I do not have any mortal self hood. Therefore I cannot identify myself as “self-ish”.    Nor can I identify another as “self-ish”.      Because God never created mortal self hood.

For “all is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.” ( Science and Health pg 468)

The false suggestion of any ‘self’ apart from God, good, Life, Love, — simply doesn’t ‘hold water’. Because all is God and God’s manifestation…. anything else is bogus.

Ever since I began cherishing this understanding of right identity,  right Self  …  and the infinite Self-hood of God, the word “selfish” has never conveyed to me the same old boring meaning.

Mortality or mortal ‘self hood’ has nothing to do with God —- of whom I am the image and likeness.  God is the One, only and infinite Self of which I am the clear shining reflection.

There is no substance in matter or in any claim of mortal identity.    God is the only and infinite Self – of which I am the image and likeness.

And there is no one,  about whom we can rightly  ever say less.

In perceiving the fact that there is only One Self…. One Person….One Source of all good, one Life — we find freedom  from restricting or labelling  our own identity with the material or mortal or limited  ‘self’ – righteous caliber of thought.

As the pure image and likeness of God, infinite good, we cannot know or experience any false sense of  ‘self-ish-ness’…. That false perspective only comes from incorrectly identifying God’s idea as having some separate mortal identity apart from God.

If we see or seem to experience anything limiting, restrictive, or of a withholding nature, then we must be wrongly identifying our self or the ‘self’ ( identity ) of another.   For based on this divine truth of God being the only Self,  the only real nature is the nature of God,  good… the giving and enveloping nature of Love.

If we find ourselves pondering how to address any issue,  or make decisions on actions or behavior concerning anything,   we can be assured that by identifying ourselves rightly as the image and likeness of the one infinite Self who is God,    we can confidently move forward — living and experiencing the nature of God, good,  infinite Love with all Its qualities.     For we can clearly recognize ourselves as perfect,  pure,  shining reflection of the infinite Self who is God.

We can never be “self-ish” or unloving or un-giving because our identity and very being is the image and likeness of God — Who is Life, — Who is infinite Love, — Who is the divine and infinite Self.   Thus the only nature we know and have and can encounter or experience is the nature of God, good, infinite Love.

With this understanding, we are most assuredly  ‘rich enough to be generous’  because  our real nature is the nature of God,  good, Love !!

Gayle Weber, CS