What are Advance Directives?

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“Mortals are free moral agents, to choose whom they would serve. If God, then let them serve Him, and He will be unto them All-in-all.”
(Mary B. Eddy Un. 60:17)

Q. What are Advance Directives?
A. Advance Directives are written instructions, such as a living will or durable power of attorney for health care, which guides care when an individual is incapacitated and unable to communicate his/her desires.

Q. Should I have them?
A. The answer is yes! As a Christian Scientist who wants to rely on Christian Science for healing, it is important to have detailed written instructions clearly stating your wishes for care and how that care should be given. See the following link to the BA’s new Health Care section of their website for further information: Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association
The law for advance directives varies from state-to-state. Many states have sample copies, and information that you can download, such as this one for Ohio: Choices

Q. Does the Upward Wing Visiting Christian Science Nurse need to know if I have these Directives in place?
A. Yes. This is one of the questions that we ask our patients before or upon our initial visit to the home. It is important that the Christian Science nurse knows where these forms are kept, so that if a need should arise they can be accessed quickly. Having these forms in place not only protects you, but also those who are caring for you.

The Christian Science nurse, engaged in this Manual-directed activity, is there to support and to confidently uphold the patient’s choice to radically rely on Christian Science for care and treatment.

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  1. Dear Janet,
    Thanks for this helpful and easy to understand article. To others: If you find yourself reading this article, please pass it on to your friends and family who are practicing Christian Scientists. Please consider sharing with family and friends the idea of supporting UPward Wing in the long term. Many, many folks will be grateful to you!

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