An Integral Part of Healing Prayer

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In thinking about prayer and gratitude, we know that gratitude is an integral part of healing prayer.

Gratitude is something felt deeply and strongly within the heart, and if we truly are comprehending God to be infinite, omnipresent good… we simply cannot pray in Christian Science without acknowledging God to be the Allness of good, the Allness of Truth.

So often we hear expressions of gratitude and love for others, love for our neighbor, and gratitude for kindness of others. But not as often do we hear expression of gratitude for God – expression of love for God – – just for being God, – – love for infinite Truth, just for being infinite All.

Yet perhaps this is the greatest gratitude of all.

Sometimes in early mornings, I listen with such appreciation to the multitude of bird songs coming from the trees. The amazing multitude of infinitely varying songs – – yet each is sung clearly and individually expressive and distinctive.
Such joy expressed in these morning songs! Not a single one waits to be asked for their song. Singing their joy is an aspect of their nature. Isn’t this also an aspect of our nature as God’s precious ideas?

This thought strikes me as so relevant to our own living of our gratitude for Christian Science. No expression of gratitude can be lost or unappreciated by God. We certainly have the realization of gratitude in our hearts for all the good which God is, and God is doing.

Whatever we are praying about, it is essential that we don’t wait to be asked for our song of gratitude. But let us sing as the birds so joyously do – – let us sing freely of our gratitude for God being God – – the All-in-all infinite good, Love – which enfolds and includes every precious idea

2 thoughts on “An Integral Part of Healing Prayer

  1. Thanks for a message of taking the thought of gratitude to a higher plane. We always need to remember God is the source of all good that we experience.

    • Thanks so much for your comment.
      Also thinking about how the mission of Christian Science Nursing is truly gratitude manifested…
      Very much appreciate your thought about gratitude…

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