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Serving as a member of the Board of Directors for Overlook House/Upward Wing has been a blessing of both humbling and truly enriching benefit. The joy felt from working with a group of dedicated Christian Scientists whose hearts are prayerfully pursuing the outreach of Christian Science Nursing in Northern Ohio is a gift. We have felt great generosity and love among Christian Scientists throughout the field. As we continue moving toward consistency of support for the Manual provision of Christian Science Nursing, we would like to offer this web “corner” for sharing some of the gifts we’ve received of prayerful thought and insight.

Our sharing here will be a thank you ‘gift-offering’ of our love to all hearts interested in Mary Baker Eddy’s establishment of Christian Science Nursing.

We are calling this our “Sharing Corner” as we welcome your prayerful thoughts and comments shared back in response.

Lovingly, Gayle Weber, CS

One thought on “Introducing our board blog

  1. Dear Gayle,
    Thank you for getting the ball rolling on this. I hope our constituents will begin visiting your blog to communicate their comments and suggestions for Overlook House and Upward Wing.

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